4 types of flat shoes that are perfect for your work outfits

Women love shoes, especially the shoes in which we feel comfortable and feminine.

Flat shoes are the ones that can offer you the most comfort and flexibility both in your day to day outfits as well as in office looks, but at the same time give you all the elegance and finesse with their style and design.

We will show you the four most beautiful types of flat shoes that you can wear either in the morning or in the evening and to accompany you well every moment of the day and in all circumstances.

  1. Ballet flats
  2. Oxford shoes
  3. Brogue shoes
  4. Loafers

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are one of the most loved and popular women’s shoes of the recent decades. The colors and patterns are numerous and you will surely find what suits your wardrobe and your taste.

When choosing ballet flats for the office go for a durable leather flat. Rounded toes are perfectly nice for the office yet if the shoes have a little bit of a point like a delicate almond toe they immediately look more flattering and expensive.

work outfits with ballet flats - 4 types of flat shoes that are perfect for your work outfits

Also look for ballet flats with finished, rolled edges and a small stacked heel. Those type of shoes will instantly elevate your entire look.

Posted by outfitsforwork on February 24, 2018